Sunday, May 17, 2015

After the Rain

We're in northeastern Oklahoma, and this is spring. That means violent storms in the middle of the night. Last night a nasty storm swept through, complete with tornado sirens to wake and shake us. So we awoke late this morning, expecting devastation. No such thing happened in our yard. Water logged? That's a different story. We had a water logged chicken, first priority. The Hunny held Roux while she dried.
We think Roux is either gold laced Brabanter or Polish. I lean toward Brabanter for a variety of reasons. I went out to check the flock and feed everyone this morning, and the big hens were picking on her. I understand that there's a pecking order, but Roux was soaked and not doing well, and the girls were attacking to kill, so I brought her in. Gave her a warm bath in the sink and fed her. Blew her dry a little so she could lift her head, then gave her to Hunny.

While Hunny had Roux, Pippin decided to be a weather vane. Didn't work out very well.
What Pippin really wanted was to get back into the run and eat the food I put out for the little ones. Pippin is naughty.

Once the girls were all back in their run, Hunny came out and checked on his aquaponics. Turns out the goldfish, the smaller ones, had been getting sucked into the in-ground sump system. So he spent half an hour fishing for goldfish, putting them back into the IBC container.

Pretty sure he got them all.
I spent that half hour taking photos. This is one of the bush beans I planted in a cotton ball and nestled in among the rocks in the grow bed.
Lettuce on a cotton ball.

Asian lettuce mix on a cotton ball.
Pretty sure this is zucchini on a cotton ball. The cotton balls are just so the seed doesn't wash away into the sump. An anchor, so to speak. Pretty fun way to plant seeds.

We're having fun here on our urban farm! It's work. It's smelly this time of year, what with the rain. But it's fun. Maybe next time I'll show you the mulberry bushes. If you promise to behave and not eat all the berries. ;)

Until I write again ...


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